The Littlest Monster. The Acadcommhead. The Justin Kiness.

This guy is the perfect combination of all the unusual things in this world.

A die-hard Lady Gaga fan but at the same time an advocate of Philippine indigenous music.

Your typical nerd who can cover a wide range of topics, despite the size.

The guardian of the archives as he was a three-time academics committee head.

A frustrated dancer, singer, theatre actor, writer, and painter.

Most of the time, a loner – that’s why he just created his own imaginary world, complete with a detailed map, language, and alphabet.

But deep inside he’s a fame whore!

When it comes to movies, Thai and Bollywood are on top of his list. And don’t forget the horror and gory ones, he loves watching them alone.

And most importantly, no one can ever beat him when it comes to skin care, not even the Koreans. His daily routine is just so extensive, exhaustive, and expensive that he’s literally glowing every day. His skin just screams ‘flawless radiance’!

Have fun reading my skincare adventures! Stay flawless as always!